June 11, 2012

Love? Maybe by Heather Hepler {Review}

Publisher: Dial 
Publish Date: January 5, 2012
Source: Library
Just because Piper's birthday is on Valentine's Day does not mean she's a romantic. In fact, after watching her father and then her stepfather leave, she's pretty sure she doesn't believe in love at all. The her friends concoct a plan to find them all Valentine's dates, and somehow Piper find herself with the most popular guy in school. But true love never follows a plan, and a string of heartfelt gifts from a secret admirer has Piper wondering if she might be with the wrong guy.

I’m sad to say I didn’t enjoy Love? Maybe as much as I’d hoped. It’s still a cute read, but I never really connected with any of the characters. I’m not usually a character person as long as the plot sucks me in, but I found this plot to be a bit predictable. In fact, I’m not even sure what’s a spoiler since the storyline seemed a bit obvious to me. I’ll do my best to keep it spoiler-free, though.

Claire’s cynicism didn’t actually bother me, because if I’m honest, I was pretty cynical of Valentine’s during my middle and high school years as well. My cynical nature was due to not having my own Valentine rather than being hurt too many times like it was for Claire. From an older, outside point of view sometimes I felt like saying “Come on, Claire, it’s not ALL that bad” but I know a younger me would have been right there with her.

I basically called all the relationships from a mile away with one exception and that’s because he wasn’t really in the story. It was difficult watching all the characters be so oblivious to what was happening around them.

My favorite character of all was definitely Jan. He was just really cool in the way that he was somewhat of a father-figure for Claire but he wasn’t pushy or anything. He was just there to tell Claire the truth when she was willing to listen.
I also quite liked Lucy and Dom. They were a fun little addition to the story.

The Nutshell: Overall Love? Maybe was a cute read, but rather predictable. I wasn’t romanced off my feet by any of the characters but none of them bothered me either. I’d say it was a pretty middle-of-the-road read, but if you’re looking for a cute quick pick-me-up, this could definitely do the trick.

Pages: 272
Series: No
Rating: Near Miss


  1. I'm usually not much about the characters but more about the plot as well. I thought this was a cute read, but it moved pretty slowly in parts.

    Old follower

  2. Hmm, the summary sounds good, but I'm on the fence baout this one. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy it as much as you had hoped. Great review.


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