March 13, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday {13}

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Every week there's a category and everyone participating lists their "Top Ten" in that category.

This week's topic is: Top Middle Grade Books

So I almost went with dystopian for this one because my love for that genre is vast, but then I realized I like a lot of middle grade and it doesn't get the spotlight it deserves around here. Plus, I'm doing a sort of unofficial Middle Grade March here on the blog, so it fits perfectly :]

1. Liesl & Po by Lauren Oliver
This story made me feel a whole range of emotions and I adored it. It had fantastic characters and one of those plots which has many different parts that all meet up to form a complete story in the end.

2. The Search for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi
This book is absolutely amazing. Seriously. I'll push this book on everyone I know for the rest of eternity. It has everything from illustrations to a futuristic world. If you never take any other suggestion I make on this blog, that'd be okay as long as you read THIS book.

3. The Books of Elsewhere by Jacqueline West
These are the books that got me back into middle grade. It's a fun adventure with a unique and likable character. Plus, talking cats.

4. Above World by Jenn Reese
Reese created a completely fantastical world I never would have seen coming. If you're a fan of broken futuristic worlds you should definitely give this one a go.

5. The Emerald Atlas by John Stephens
As I write this post, I'm actually still in the middle of reading it. The thing is, though, I already know I'm going to adore it. It's amazing so far and I can't wait to finish it!

6. The Land of Elyon by Patrick Carman
I started this series when I was still in middle school, but I forgot about it after reading book two. I picked it up again a couple summers ago and reread the first two and finished up to the last book (it'll be a nice surprise when I do get around to the last one on of these days). Anyway, this series has a fantastical setting, epic journeys, and a very brave protagonist. These are quick reads definitely worthy of your time.

Okay, so I've only read a few middle grades that I would rave about since I recently got back into them, but I do have a long TBR list of them which I've heard are fantastic. So I'm cheating hardcore on this week's top ten.

1. The Humming Room by Ellen Potter
3. The Book of Wonders by Jasmine Richards
4. The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann
5. The Mysterious Benedict Society by Trenton Lee Stewart
6. Breadcrumbs by Anne Ursu
7. The Cabinet of Earths by Anne Nesbet
8. The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick




    And yes, The Emerald Atlas is incredible. I ignored my family for one day to read it. Totally ignored them. Didn't even realize they were awake and hungry. Poor things.

  2. This is just the list I needed. Now I can check out some middle grade books!

  3. This may be my favorite list of the day! So many good picks! I am LOVING the cover art for The Land of Elyon. That's the one you have on your list that I haven't even heard of let alone read. Judging by my love of the others, I'll have to check it out!

  4. I love middle grades books :) I have also read great things about Liesl and Po, so I really want to read it. You definitely need to read Hugo Cabret!!

  5. Love middle grade books myself and love your list..
    I started both Hugo Cabret and the Mysterious Benedict Society and have to continue reading them (had to return them to the library too soon)..

  6. YES, you haaaave to read The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland! It's SO amazing. The writing is stunning. :)
    - Lauren

  7. Thanks for these suggestions. As a lover of all things children's literature. I appreciate this list and will save it for the future.

  8. I haven't read middle grade for quite some time, but the selections you've highlighted have made me extremely curious. I definitely want to check them out now!

  9. I love your list as I teach in an elementary school and will be happy to pass your suggestions on to students. I've read The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland, Hugo Cabret (Wonderstruck also) and Breadcrumbs-all are excellent reads.


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