April 6, 2012

TGIF {22} Series Finales

TGIF is a weekly meme hosted by Ginger at GReads. Each week she poses a question and everyone is invited to join in and share their answers :]

This week's question: Book Series Finales: Which book, from any series has been your favorite ending? What about your least favorite ending?


Percy Jackson
This was an absolutely fantastic end to an epic journey. There were some sad bits, yes, but I think it all ended it a rather satisfying way.

The Forest of Hands and Teeth
This one is a little different than others since none of the books were really a continuation of the others. I was a little sad there was no worldly resolution, but thinking about it now, I'm not even sure it could have ended any other way. This entire series is heart-wrenching and beautiful and the final book was no different.

The Hunger Games
Okay, I'm not actually sure I'd say this is my favorite ever or anything, but it fit and left me satisfied.

Maze Runner
Oh man. I know some people weren't satisfied because it didn't answer all their questions, but it answered enough to satisfy me. It also made me cry and as we all learned from HP it's almost necessary to cry during the last book in a series.

Least Favorite
I spent YEARS reading these books! Then the final just left me feeling decidedly unsatisfied. It just felt so...anticlimactic. I mean, there are about 14 books or something like that in the series and then the last one was just kind of a dud, in my opinion.

Wolves of Mercy Falls
I wanted so badly to love this. I adored Shiver and Linger. They made me feel ALL the feelings, but Forever just...didn't. I didn't connect to Forever in the same why I did to the first two and is just made me so sad :[


  1. I didn't like Forever that much either and I was even a diappointed in the ending ..
    I'm a new follower ;)

  2. I agree with you on the Percy jackson series! I loved it!
    New Follower!

    Aee my response here: FF & TGIF

  3. I need to read quite a few of these series yet - THe Percy Jackson one is on my list :)

  4. Percy Jackson, YES. But then again, I'm a HUGE Riordan fan. I've read the first two Carrie Ryan books AND the first two Mercy Falls books, but I HATE finishing series (I hate that feeling of things being OVER) so I always procrastinate on finishing a series. I don't know how each of these series ends! It's almost embarrassing how OCD about this I am. I need to get over it. I *DID* read Mockingjay, however. I didn't love that one as much as Catching Fire, but at least I finished!

    1. Woman! You have to finish the series' :P The last Carrie Ryan book was really good, in my opinion, but the last Wolves of Mercy Falls book was a real disappointment. A lot of people liked it, though, so don't let me be a downer :P


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