August 8, 2012

You haven't read this yet? Well, you should.

Just when I think The FAYZ can’t possibly disgust me or surprise me any more than it has, Grant decides to prove me wrong in a way that almost makes me want to throw the book across the room. I spent a lot of Fear cringing away from the pages, but in a good way, believe it or not.

Since Fear is the fifth book in the series I don’t think I can really do a good review without including spoilers so instead, I’m going to make this post all about why you should read the Gone series.

For starters, if you’re interested in apocalyptic or dystopian books then you’ll most likely enjoy the books. I wouldn’t classify it as either genre, but it’s definitely similar in plot. If you can’t handle blood and gore and disturbing things then you’ll definitely want to stay far, far away, though.

This series has everything, really. There’s some romance, but certainly not enough to deter those who are looking for a little more. We have a Lord of the Flies thing going on with a bunch of kids being cut off from the outside world. Then we have crazy, unexplainable things like kids with powers (ex. anti-gravity abilities, super speed, etc.) and mutating animals (ex. talking coyotes).

I can pretty much guarantee you won’t be bored with this series, but if I still haven’t sold you then just do me a favor and pick up the first book. If it doesn’t catch your interest then at least you gave it a shot, right?


  1. I tried that series out a few years ago, and the first two made me really interested but once I got to the 3rd I read a few chapters and gave up. I really can't stand books that are more than 4-5 books because they drag out to much for me, but I do understand why you like them!

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