February 23, 2013

Blogger Love-A-Thon mini-challenge #1

For the first mini-challenge, we're basically just having one big lovefest! That's what the whole event is about, after all :P So, we have four different categories here: Best reviews, best bookish discussion posts, best layout, and a random one which I chose to be my favorite bloggers.

Best reviews:
Anna Reads Books
Anna's reviews are short and too the point and I love that! I can read her reviews quickly and know exactly how she felt about it. Plus, they're usually rather amusing.

Makeshift Bookmark
Jen (I haven't read as many of Carla's reviews) isn't afraid to speak her mind and do so with Caps lock and exclamation points. I love that her reviews are real and uncensored (and not mean ;])

Read.Write.Ramble (Rachel)
Rachel is basically the bomb. Her reviews are full of enthusiasm, but also take a look at the book critically; it's the best of both worlds :D

Best discussion posts:
Perpetual Page-Turner
This lady knows how to write a post. I find myself relating to almost all off her discussion posts. A while back she wrote a post about reading in the car and how she helps combat car sickness and I honest to goodness think about it every time I read in the car. Another post that comes to mind is her post about how audiobooks have helped her excerise. See, she writes about everthing! Go check her out :D

Radiant Reads
I love Harmony's bookish discussion posts; they're hilarious and creative. It's actually her non-bookish posts I like the best, though (I know, I know that's not what the category is, but stay with me.) I love her posts about anime/manga since I feel that's something hard to come by in the blog world, but it's something I love. It's nice to see someone else share their enthusiasm for something I enjoy :]

Nicole is going to tell you exactly how she feels in her discussion posts. While I'm not always on the same side as her, I love reading her posts because she puts so much of herself into each of them.

Best Layout:
Mint Tea and a Good Book

Favorite Bloggers:
Heidi of Bunbury in the Stacks
Heidi is one of the people who continually comes back and leaves meaningful comments on my blog which automatically makes me love her, but she's also just a lovely lady who's fun to talk to :]

Lisa of Lisa is Busy Nerding
How could someone with a blog name like that not be awesome? Not only is she a gamer of the video variety (yay for girl gamers!) she plays and reviews board games on her blog. That's not to mention all her other random nerdisms. Basically, if you identify yourself as a nerd, Lisa is your lady ;]

Rachel of Read.Write.Ramble.
I already mentioned Rachel's awesome reviews, but she's also just a all around awesome gal. She leaves the absolute best comments and she's just a little bit spazzy in the best possible way. Plus, she's a nerdfighter (DFTBA!)

Erika of Rescue Reads
Erika was one of the first people and met and got to know through blogging. She's one of the few people who will gush about anime with me which automatically makes her awesome in my book.


  1. There are some INCREDIBLE blogs listed here!

  2. There are definitely some of my favorite bloggers in this list, like the ladies of Rather Be Reading and lisa! Will have to check out the rest. :)

  3. Awwah! Thanks! Yay for anime gushing! I finished my more recent series of anime (Sword Art Online) and now I'm attacking British TV series (WHOO)!

  4. I definitely need to check these blogs out! And there's a post about avoiding travel sickness when reading in a car - life saver!

  5. Ooh, there are definitely a few new-to-me blogs on here, so thanks for sharing! And I totally love Jamie's discussions too :)

  6. Thanks so much for including me in this! :D "Just a little bit spazzy" is SO ACCURATE OMG. I am so flattered. You have no idea. :P


  7. I had to comment on this post just to say "just a little bit spazzy" is the most accurate description of Rachel ever! We have both been laughing about it randomly for a good hour and a half now.


  8. great list of blogs! I agree with quite a few of these and found some new to me ones as well.


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