February 23, 2013

Book Blogger Love-A-Thon mini-challege #4

The fourth mini-challenge is to write a letter to your younger blogger self so here's mine :D

Dear Younger Self,

Slow down. Despite what you think, you're not "behind" in the book blogging world. Sure, you and A Room with Books may be but a speck in the great cosmos of the blogosphere, but everything has it's time.

I know talking to people on Twitter terrifies you, but do it anyway. There are some great people on there. And no, nobody is sitting at their computer going "who is that and how dare she @ me."

Don't be afraid to show a little personality. Yes, it's a book blog so the books come first, but it's your book blog. So do what you want. Share some tv shows you like, tell everyone about your long-time love affair with Converse, share some love for the video games you spend hours playing -- really, everything goes (you know, to a point) so show everyone you're not just an anonymous face behind some reviews.

You're always going to care about followers and page views, but it's not as big a deal you think it is right now. Bask in the joy of having a new follower, sure, but don't forget the blog is something you love, and numbers are just that. Keep the focus on your love for the blog and build relationships with other bloggers. (Also, maybe take a step back from IMMs and the like as they're only going to feed the green-eyed monster and he's already fat enough.)

Your older, (more mature?)


  1. Neat letter. I loved the line that said the green eyed monster was fat enough! ;-)


  2. Gosh I wish I wasn't so scared of Twitter as a younger blogger. I guess I wish I wasn't so scared of Twitter now lol! But seriously, your letter was awesome!

  3. Can we send this letter to the younger me too? I didn't write one but this is pretty much what I would have liked to have told myself.

  4. Awesome letter! The part "I know talking to people on Twitter terrifies you, but do it anyway." I really need to learn. Thanks for sharing :)

  5. I ❤ your letter and blog! Keep being awesome! :)

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