February 26, 2013

There's something you should know.

I'm a Whovian.

Okay, most of you probably already knew this, but I decided it was time to write up a post and make it official. Plus, I figure fangrling is a pretty good way to share more me. Warning: This post is going to get a little crazy.

Early last year I caved to peer pressure and decided to start Doctor Who on a whim (well, I guess if we're going into specifics then it was my husband's whim.) I get to take most of the credit, though since I stuck with it after the first episode (which, let's face it, isn't all that great) and he didn't.

So, I watched the second episode not expecting too much, but by the end of season one I was completely obsessed. Guys, this show has ALL THE FEELS. I can't even count how many times I just sat on the couch doing the ugly cry. Sometimes I got all ragey and threw things (non-breakable things.) And I loved it. I felt like the characters were my best friends. Is that weird? If so, I don't care.

This show, my friends, has everything. Drama, aliens, spaceship that's bigger on the inside, time travel, great storylines, hilariousness, and...I could really go on all day.

My husband started watching it a couple months ago (finally!) and I've been rewatching whenever I can. And let me tell you, it's just as emotional the second time around. Jacob (my husband) is always laughing at me because I end up crying 5 minutes before the sad thing even happens.

I know this post is pretty terrible, but the fangirl feelings were just building up inside me and I had to get them out. And I feel pretty good about it (I'd feel even better if I managed to convert someone ;])

Let's just end this with some favorites - 

Doctor: I was a total Ten fangirl, buuut if pressed I'd have to say Eleven is my favorite.
Companion: Rory. Rory forever <3
Villain: The Silence (I know a lot of people like the Weeping Angels, but I can never forgive them for what they did in Manhattan)
Christmas Special: The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wordrobe
Companion Send-Off: Rose (because I just can't with the Ponds. Don't even talk about it.)


  1. I was SO happy when you started watching Doctor Who and loved it, Jasmine, seriously--it's been my favorite show for a long time and I'm so happy that it's finally getting big in America. I'd have to say my favorite doctor is Matt Smith too (which makes most people angry, but it's not just that it's Matt Smith, it's that it's Steven Moffat who is the best writer the show's ever had so the fact that he now runs the show makes it that much better for me). Villain would be Weeping Angels (my boyfriend bought me a Keep Calm and Don't Blink shirt for Christmas!), but Silence would be a very close second. I love that one of them only moves while your'e not looking at them, and the other you only remember exists when you are--I like the parallel. My favorite companion is Amy, but of course Rory goes along with that quite a bit. I love The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe as well, but my favorite Christmas special might actually be the Titanic with Kylie Minogue. I really dislike Rose, and I was actually happy with the Ponds send off because it needed to happen (but omg the tears...like...I started crying the next day when I watched Harry Potter and saw Mr. Weasley and was like 'OMG RORY'S DAD WAS LEFT ALL ALONE'. It was tragic). Yay for Whovian love!

  2. I'm a complete Whovian too! Well, at least for these newer ones with Nine, Ten and Eleven (totally a Ten girl, even though Eleven has really grown on me). Even after what happened in Manhattan, the Angels are still my favorite villains (the Silence just creeps me out way too much). Did you watch the little storyboard clip they have of what happened with the Ponds? So. Very. Good. I cried like a little baby!

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