January 24, 2012

Top Ten Tuesday {10}

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and The Bookish. Every week there's a category and everyone participating lists their "Top Ten" in that category.

This week's topic is: ..Freebie! So, I went with an old one...Top Ten Favorite Reading Spots

My cozy corner of the bed with my
friend,  Jefferson
1. My bed
I actually only read in bed at night. I'm not sure why, but it feels weird to me to sit in bed at any time of the day other than nighttime so this one is reserved specifically for bed time. Although, if the book is good enough, actually bed time ends up being hours after I get in bed :P 

She's quite the ham.
2. The couch
For some reason it's never just reading when I'm on the couch. Maybe because it's slightly uncomfortable. No matter the reason, when I read on the couch the tv is usually on or my computer is in my lap. No, it's not really productive, but I enjoy multitasking.

Don't judge the pattern, it was cheap.
3. The papasan
This chair is the bomb for reading, especially if you're in for a good nap too (as my dog always seems to be).

Top: reading room.
Bottom: whole library, all glass 
4. The library
There's just something about being surrounded by all those books and bookish people that makes it a perfectly lovely reading spot. Plus, my library has everything from cozy nooks to this super-cool glass atrium.

Coffee shop of choice.
It's literally a 60 second walk away
5. Coffee Shops
Most have that cozy feeling and they stay nice and hushed without feeling like staying quiet is a rule. Plus, the smell of coffee doesn't hurt.

Gas Works Park. Plenty of grass & sun

6. Outside on a sunny day
I don't care if it's sitting on a park bench or lying on a blanket in the grass anywhere will do just fine as long as the sun is beating down on me. I'm kind of like a lizard when it comes to soaking up the rays :P

Tea + Book = Perfect
7. Curled up with cocoa or tea on a cold day
Not to be outdone by sunny days, nice rainy or snowy days are good for curling up somewhere with a blanket, a warm fuzzy friend, and a nice warm beverage.

The makings of a good road trip
8. In the car
Not while I'm driving, of course (most of the time), but if anyone else happens to be in the driver's seat I tend to get plenty of reading done. I think it helps to not own any sort of 3G device so the car makes for a nice distraction-free zone.

I know, that's not a full top ten list, but I honestly can't think of anywhere else. Some people like the bath, but I'm deathly afraid of ruining the book (I'm a klutz so it's likely).


  1. Cute doggie :) (dog lover here) My bed is my favoritest spot to read. Love your list!

  2. I read mostly in my bed or in my car. I painted my bedroom brown (like chocolate and coffee, haha) so my bedroom is basically my little haven. I like being in there because it feels cozy to me. And I read in the car because I wait in the carpool line while I'm waiting to pick up my kiddos. I go early, usually 45 min-an hour (even tho it isn't necessary) just because when the weather is nice, it is a chance to read outside.

    Great list Jasmine! I would've never thought of doing favorite reading places!! Love it!

    1. I show up to things early too simply so I have an excuse to read :P

  3. Nice list choice! I have a recliner at home that functions as my curl-up-and-read spot. Cats in the window across from me and all! Heaven.

  4. Wow, your library is awesome! I want one. I can't wait to be able to read outside again. Great list!

    My Top Ten Places NOT to Read a Book

  5. Oh my gosh, that is the coolest Libarary I have ever seen. Our library is... well it's not like that. lol

    Great Idea for the list. I usually read on my couch or at my desk while I'm supposed to be working. Kinda like I"m posting comment at my desk while I'm supposed to be working. lol

    I've never read in a coffee shop. we dont really have coffee shops in the Sticks of Pennsylvania. I'm putting it on my bucket list though. lol. Lame..

    1. I would totally love a job where I could read instead of work! That's my life goal :P
      When you live in the coffee capital of the world, there are plenty to choose from.

  6. Haha, my best friend growing up read in the tub constantly. All of her books were terribly fanned out from water damage. All of your other spots are awesome, and I agree with 100%! I also always read on the train, but that's not something that's in everyone's lives. I have a papasan and am missing it terribly! I had to leave it in storage when I moved, and haven't been able to get it yet.

    1. I'm terrified of reading in the tub because I just KNOW I'll drop it in or splash on it or something. Papasan's are seriously the bomb for reading. And napping :P

  7. I so love reading in Coffee Shops too! It's my best spot! :) Well, and bed :P :)


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