September 25, 2012

So, I'm feeling artsy...

So, um, I'm kind of crazy for crafting now. It was all kind of sudden, really. I was going through my old jewelry and getting rid of all the junk I never wear and found the best friend necklaces my husband and I wore when we were first dating (it's kind of a long story :P).

I didn't want to get rid of them since they mean a lot to me, but it's also not like either of us were ever going to wear them again either. Then I had kind of a brainstorm for them and decided "hey, I've got nothing to lose so I might as well try it" and it actually turned out really nice. Now you probably want to know what it actually looks like, yes? Well, here's a picture:

Sorry the picture quality sucks, but my phone is the easiest way to take pictures and get them on my computer but it's something like 3 years old :P All I had to do was cut off a length of each chain so it would fit in the frame and hot glue them and a piece of white cardstock to the back of the frame and viola! The simplicity of it all has made me crazy for crafting now.

I'm on Pinterest almost every day just looking at the DIY and Crafts board compiling a massive list of things I want to make eventually. If any of you were wondering, here's my board: Craftsfsfsfs

Basically I'm here to ask you guys if any of you are crafters. And if so, do you know any good blogs to follow?

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