January 4, 2013

Pugsy says sorry (and so do I)

I bring you a cute pic of Pugsy as a peace offering
I know, I know. I've been saying I'm coming back since October, basically. This time I mean it, though, but things are going to be a little different around here. First, I just want to talk about some of the major stuff that's happened to me in the past year. And just to warn you, things are going to get a little personal, so if you want to skip over this post go right ahead :]

- I finally got a permanent doctor and medication regime to hep me with my depression.
- Around April I finally got my first job (yes, I'm a sad excuse for an adult) but it was only about 10 hours a week so I still had plenty of free time.
- Went to my first author events ever (Kimberly Derting and Gretchen McNeil/Daniel Marks.)
- Turned 20
- Chopped off the hair I'd been growing out for two years (and will probably go shorter again soon.)
- Had the biggest, longest blog funk ever.
- Turned this (#1) into this (#2)
- Discovered John and Hank Green (1 month after they were here on tour, sadly) You should watch the Vlogbrother videos if you don't know what I'm talking about.
- Hosted family Thanksgiving with both his and mine (and still managed to make way too much food.)
- Finally became a full-fledged Whovian. I mean, where was this show all my life?!
- Got a seasonal job at a theater chain which I'm currently finishing (no. Just no.) This is happening until the 24th and then I have ALA, so don't be surprised if it's still quieter than normal until February.
Portland sign.
- Celebrated our anniversary in Portland, OR.
- Celebrated 4 different Christmases (well, the 4th is tomorrow, but you know.) And in case you're wondering: my husband and I, my family, his parents, and his extended family.

So that was 2012.
Now it's time to move on to 2013.

Resolutions of sort both bookish and otherwise:

- Turn Have Your Cake and Read It Too into a bi-weekly feature since it's just a little too much for once a week. Maybe this way I can actually test the recipes out as well :] Also, I just want to give a big thank you to Rachel at Read.Write.Ramble who has enthusiastically commented on all of them and made me want to continue with it :]
- I don't do IMMs anymore because I know how jealous I get when I see other people's  so I don't want to do that to someone else. I'd still like to feature books in other ways than reviews, though.   So, I've decided to start making mini TBR vlogs. Probably monthly, but maybe bi-weekly. This will be a challenge since I don't plan my book schedule. I always just go to the shelf and pick whatever. I probably won't follow it to a T, but I'll try to keep close to it.
- I want to put a little more ME in my blog. Right now it feels like I'm just the faceless person who runs this blog and I want it to be more than that. I love the blogs and bloggers who tend to share more about their personal lives. It makes it easier to relate. And to show you I mean business, here's a picture of me showing off my love for Yoshi that I generally wouldn't show the public ;P (#3)
- I want to figure out how to make my pictures and such look prettier. I'm not a photographer nor do I aspire to be, but I would like them to look a little less bland. Are there programs that are free (or cheap) and easy to use? Leave me suggestions in the comments :]
It's really just better if you watch it :P
- And on that same note, I'd like to take a page out of VeganYANerds and PageTurner Jamie's books and start taking more of my own pictures, especially when it comes to book images (like the ones I put up with reviews)
- I'd like to start making more vlogs. I finally have a computer with a webcam, so it'll be easier. I think it'll help with making things more ME around here, but I think it might also help me come out of my safe little box some more as well.
Come on over, I promise we don't bite.
- Stop scheduling so much. Don't get me wrong, scheduling is definitely good, but I don't want to go about scheduling entire weeks of posts because I don't want to have a post every day anymore. I feel like when I try to fill all the days I just end up with loads of filler and boring stuff plus it stresses me out. For now, all that's concrete is three reviews a week and probably Cover Lovers and we'll see where it goes from there!
- Stop making everything a feature. Seriously, every time I get an idea I'm all "this could be a feature then my blog would be unique then everyone would love me!" or something like that. You know what happens after that? I get bored or discouraged and I end up only posting once or twice. This year I want to be a little more like Lisa is Busy Nerding and just post something if I find it interesting, no strings attached.
- Get a new design. I love the purple, green, and stars, but it's time for a new look. I want a really simple but pretty design so if you know anyone who does designs you should let me know about them in the comments. I was thinking Imagination Designs, but she's not taking any requests at the moment and I'm always open to suggestions :D
- Get into the community more. I've been in the blogging world for over a year and a half now and yet I still feel like an outsider. This year I want to do something about that starting with ALA at the end of the month. Also, use that Twitter thing I seem to have forgotten about. Any tips for a new ALA goer?
- Reread one book a month.

Isn't he the cutest?
-Become a better vegetarian. I've been a vegetarian for about 3 years now and I haven't cheated or anything like that, but I don't exactly eat good foods all the time. This year I actually want to make more meals that are good for me (that way I can still eat some of the junky stuff and not feel so bad ;P)
- Do yoga (grumble grumble). This is all the exercise you're going to get out of me. Yes, I walk most places in the city, but I know that doesn't entirely count. I kind of hate exercise, though, so yoga it is. Also, I'm pretty sure my husband will drag me to a class if he has to.
This is why even a book club is hard for me.
- Join a book club. Guys, I've been in Seattle a year now and I've met exactly two people that I've actually sen more than once. This has to change because it's really lonely to be in a big city and not have any friends.
-Get another dog or a cat. This probably seems like a no-brainer that doesn't need to be written down, but I've been meaning to for the past year. Granted, my apartment technically won't let me have another dog, but there might be a way around that. We'll see. And if a dog really isn't possible then I really need to just suck it up and pay the extraordinarily high cat deposit.
-Don't read (or do other things) just because I feel I have to. I spent a lot of last year going "I think I want to start this show or maybe that game" but then I'd always just think about the pile of books that need to be reviewed/returned to the library and do that or absolutely nothing instead.
I have this problem with one dog. Wonder what
another animal would mean...
- Get my poor doggy more exercise. Now, I may hate exercise, but she really needs it. Even if it's just a walk around the block once a day, that would be more than she's getting now.
-Take more pictures. I'm pretty sure my husband and I only have about 5 pictures from the past year and most were taken in December as a last ditch effort.
- Get. A. Job. Preferably, not one that I hate with a passion like my current job. Hopefully at a pet or bookstore.


  1. JASMINE. IT'S YOU! Welcome :) It's nice to see some plans! I can't wait to see you a little more :) Here's a site that does blog designs, and the person who does it is fairly reasonable with prices, I think. http://designbythereadingfish.blogspot.com/p/pricing.html

  2. Enthusiastically commenting, attempting to eat laptop screen...same thing, right? :D

    Yes, you must join a book club! Megan and I just recently started one at our school. I mean, the members aren't exactly Cool Internet Book Bloggers Who I've Never Met IRL, but I think it's going to be fun anyway.

    Also, I love that you're going to try to reread one book a month. I think that's such a great resolution, and I might have to try it myself. There are so many books that I want to read again so badly, but I get way too caught up with Shiny New Things.

    I'd love to see more vlogs from you! I actually just got a video camera, so I want to do a lot of vlogging this year too.

    Ah, taking more pictures. I always want to be the person who takes ALL THE PICTURES, especially since I want to have a ton of high school memories to look back on and laugh at when I'm like thirty, but yeah...I say I want to take more pictures, but I never actually do.

    This is an excellent post. You just totally put a lot more YOU in your blog. :) Can I just say that you're my favorite blogger ever? Because you are.

    (Also, I'm so jealous that you're going to ALA. It seems like everything I follow on twitter will be there! You all better have a ton of fun so I can read your tweets and wish I was there! :P)

    (Also, wow, this comment has somehow turned into an entire blog post. Oops. :P)


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