March 3, 2012

Middle Grade March Challenge

This is just a quick little post to tell you about the Middle Grade March challenge I decided (just now) to sign up for. I'm not really good at compacting info, so you can find it all here: The Non-Reluctant Reader and Starry Sky Books

I read quite a bit of MG and I've kind of unofficially dubbed this Middle Grade March on the blog anyway, but I'm still not sure how many I can do in a month, so I'm going with the "Mayor" level which is 4-8 MGs.
So, if you're interested hop on over and check out this challenge. I'm looking forward to it :]

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  1. I should participate in this since I don't read enough MG but I already have my TBR made for March. I will work on it though. Lol. Good luck reaching your goal!


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