March 18, 2012


We interrupt the regularly scheduled IMM to bring to you two very awesome people!
Okay, truth be told, I didn't get any books this week, but I really did want to spotlight these people because they regularly make my day(s).

So, not only do Heidi (Bunbury in the Stacks) and Ashley (Into the Hall of Books) both have awesome blogs, they comment on my blog almost every day and it always brings a smile to my face. It's never just "nice pile of books" or "good review" either. They're comments of substance which is what really makes blogging worth the time and effort. I love all my comments, of course, but Ashley and Heidi consistently come back and leave me great comments and I felt that should be recognized. So, go check out their blogs and follow them on Twitter and all that jazz. :D


  1. Jasmine, I just want to give you a big hug right now!! Thank you so much, you are a total sweetheart. Also I'm proud of you for not checking out 10 more books from the library this week. Gives you time to work on your stack!

  2. That's so nice -- I love it when people take time to publicly say thanks to the people who mean a lot to them. Makes me smile :)


I adore all the comments you write. They totally make my day :]