March 26, 2013

Firmoo review

A little bit ago I had the opportunity to review a pair of glasses from Firmoo. Firmoo is a great website for those of us who like having good looking glasses but don't want to shell out a couple hundred for a pair. They have a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from and most frames are under $50. Plus, they have a First Pair Free program! All you have to do is pay for shipping.

I do not picture well, sorry, guys.

You can find the glasses I reviewed here.
Firstly, the things I like:
- I got the glasses within 10 days (since mine were specifically for review, I'm unsure if it makes a difference) which is a fair amount of time glasses making and shipping, in my opinion.
- The frames are light weight. I don't really feel them while they're on which I can't say for my other pair (different source altogether.)
- The virtual try-on system on the website is good to get an idea of how the frames will look on your face.

But then there were a few things I wasn't such a fan of:
- The plastic nosepads seem a bit unnecessary and bothersome. They pulls on the skin at the corner of my eyes making me constantly adjust due to discomfort.
- There's already a small scratch on one of the lenses after about two days of wear. Granted, I seem to have issues with lenses, or else, always have cheap ones.
- The virtual try-on service can be a bit off if your picture doesn't work with the specs which still puts a bit of the guessing game in your glasses buying experience.

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