March 18, 2013

Friends, I have a confession

I am a terrible library patron.
There, I said it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I love my library. See, I even got one of the new cards that just came out this year:

I'm not on the blacklist or anything, but I have a terrible habit of collecting fines. I'm not just talking 50 cents or a couple bucks either. I currently have about $12 in fines and I just paid $4 towards it less than 2 weeks ago!

At my library, once you have $15 in fines you can no longer check anything out. Before I paid that $4 bucks towards it? Yeah, I had $14.25. I know, I know.
Rainbow Dash is disappointed in me.

The problem is that I check out all these books (I usually have around 25-30 out at one time) and then I have to read review books or want to read a book off my shelf or what have you and they just collect dust on my bookshelf. BUT, I still want to read them. So, I keep them :P

Also, I'm not going to lie, sometimes I'm just too lazy to take the 30 minute walk to the library to drop stuff off...

The funny thing is, I usually do read a good chunk of them. The 25 cents a day fine can really add up, though.

But I'm supporting the library, right? Right?

What about you guys? Do you use your library much? Do you rack up fines or do you always return on time?

And here's something completely unrelated just because.
(Also, I don't even have a tumblr but it ate me while I was looking for other images for this post.)
I find this amusing.
(I got it from tumblr and I don't entirely know how
to source it, sorry.)


  1. $14 in fines?? I'm ridiculously paranoid about fines and will go out of my way to make sure my books are returned on time. Unfortunately, this has led to a few being returned un-read.

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