May 16, 2012

Cover Lover {43}

Of course we all know you should never judge a book by its cover, but do we ever really listen to that?
Cover Lover showcases eye catching, intriguing, and beautiful covers.

This week's Cover Lover goes to Splintered by A.G. Howard
Publish Date: January 2013
For one, I like that the girl isn't sitting there looking all coy or sad or mysterious. She's simply staring at you right out of the cover with an admittedly slightly creepy expression. I also really like how all the bright colors from her eyes and lips to the bugs and butterflies stand out against the vibrant green background. And I actually really like the script of the title and the addition of the tagline. Basically, I like this entire cover. 
What do you guys think?


  1. I'm really excited for this book - I'm not necessarily head of heels in love with the cover but it just sounds so great!

  2. Oh, yes, this cover catches my eye for sure. I'm thinking its because of the primary colors and the girls pretty blue eye(s).

  3. I absolutely love this cover .. Splintered is actually the book I chose for my WOW post this week :)!!

  4. I saw this on someone else's WoW this week, and I have to admit, I love this cover. And the fact that the story sounds good? I'm in!

  5. I think the cover is gorgeous. It's one of those I would sit and stare at for a while.

  6. Jasmine, thanks so much for spotlighting my book this week! I have been very blessed by the cover gods, and am soooo grateful and thrilled that they could capture my story's essence in one picture, you know? So nice to meet you!


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