May 17, 2012

TGIF {26} How my blog was born

Source: Ginger
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This week's question
A Book Blogger is Born: What made you decide to start your very own book blog?

My blog was born because I needed something more in my life.

Around last June I started to feel a little antsy with my reading. Reading has always been my one constant passion but about a year ago I just kind of started feeling like "what's the point?" I'd read a book, finish it, set it aside, and forget about it. It was neither fulfilling or fun anymore. I like having goals and reading just started feeling like something I could never make a goal out of in any way and I was really frustrated. 

This basically sums up how I felt before my blog started.
My blog helped provide a balance :]
At some point last year I stumbled across a YA book blog and would check up on it every now and then. At that point I had no idea that there were other blogs like it. I just kind of thought it was a fluke or something. Eventually I discovered their blogroll and started clicking around. I was amazed to discover there was a lot of people out there who were just as passionate about reading as I was! 

I went back and forth for a few days trying to decide if a blog was something I would want to or even could do. My husband finally convinced me to start one and it's grown from there.

I'm so lucky to have found a community that shares my love for all things books, not to mention people that read the same TYPE of books as me. My blog has not only given my reading a purpose but it's also given me a purpose. I love running my blog and being part of such a fantastic community :D


  1. That's so neat that your husband encouraged you to start a blog. He sounds super supportive.

    I agree with you, blogging gives my reading a purpose, which is really cool.


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