May 9, 2012

Revived by Cat Patrick Launch Party

Last Saturday I went to the Revived launch Cat Patrick was doing at the Elliot Bay Book Company in Seattle. It was both a launch for the book which hit shelves yesterday (Tuesday May 8) and a launch for her Revived tour. It was the first launch event I've been to and it was fantastic!

When we got there we all got a new identity and our relocation city. My new name was Cathy Sayre. Someone put our new location on a sticker and stuck it to our backs. Our goal was to guess the city and the state by asking other launch-goers questions about it. I discovered early on that my state happened to be in the middle and quickly lost hope since I'm terrible with my states :P I later discovered I my location was Buttermilk, Kansas. Most of the new locations had funny names but they were all real which was the best part. One girl's location was Hot Coffee, Mississippi. How cool is that for a town name?!

Taken from Cat Patrick's Blog
After everyone sat down we watched the Revived trailer then listened as two students (and an instructor, I believe) from Holy Names Academy read an excerpt from a book. It was fantastic! I kind of want them to follow me around and read all my books now :P

After the reading Cat did a little Q & A. Here's a little taste of how that went:
What was your inspiration for Revived?
Cat said she'd read an article about a drug that could jolt people back to life and it grew into a story from there.  The main character, Daisy, was initially going to have nine lives but Cat decided she was killing Daisy off way too many times for that :P

What's your writing process like?
Cat says she's not a good outliner. In fact, she said her writing is more "mentally vomit[ed] onto the page".

Why do you write for teenagers?
Forgotten just felt like it was supposed to be written for teens, Cat said. Plus, she likes writing for teens because she still feels like one herself!

How long did it take to write Revived?
4 months to write and about 6 months to edit.

Do you have any other projects in the works?
 Her third book, The Originals, is about 3 twins who pretend to be the same person. They share the day, as in, Twin 1 goes out and lives the morning, Twin 2 does the afternoon, and Twin 3 finishes the day.
She's actually currently working on her 6th book and her 5th is getting ready to be proposed.

After the Q & A Cat started signing. Since I'd won a copy of Revived earlier in the week and Cat sent it out signed (she totally remembered my name from sending out the book!) I got a paperback of Forgotten signed.

Taken from Cat's Blog

Before I left I got my picture taken so it could be mocked up to look like the cover. Awesome, no?


  1. I just bought this yesterday! I <3 Cat Patrick! Have you read Forgotten? I really, really loved it last year. Also, love, love the mock-up of you on the cover! Enjoy!!

  2. Ooooh, I'm excited to hear your thoughts on Revived, this sounds like such a fun launch event! Part of it sounds like cheesy camp ice breakers, but I'll admit that getting a name and relocated sounds totally fun to me. Especially since these are all real towns! The mock up cover shot is awesome! Love it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This sounds great, I freaking LOVE that Revived picture of you! I want one!! :)


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